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This blog will be a different one, there will be a link to my vlog below. But I was given the amazing opportunity to review an animation by Move! Animations Cologne called: Vera. They are a mocap animation shop, with many amazing moves!
 Vera is a 10 animation set, that is amazing. It's a very mellow, sensual, kind of rock around dance. That is good for clubs! When I saw it, it reminded be of the times I just kind of  wiggled around my room after a long stress full day. It's the kind of dance that just makes you smile, and helps you get the stress out. Prior to recording the dance I went to multiple clubs in SL using it, and it really fit with all genre of music. It's an awesome back of dances!
 The LM to Move is right here
 The link to the video is here

Pose:  Secret Poses - Bento Model 1 
Shirt Video: _CD_ Lora White Jacket - Maitreya Lara @ 6 Republic
         Picture: [Atomic] Chill Out // Sweatshirt_Maitreya - Blush
Shorts: ALTAIR* gym shorts .black. maitreya
Hair: Blues. Dakota

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